Meaning: Make someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital.

At Re:Nourish we are all about making you feel good which is why this week we are looking at your skincare regime.

It turns out our current skincare routines may be doing us more harm than good. The rise of the potent active ingredients, chemical preservatives and lathering agents are frequently over stripping our skin and removing the helpful species of good bacteria that it needs to stay fresh, soft and healthy.

Enter YOUR skin’s best friend founded by the brilliant dermatologist Claire Vero. It’s not just us at Re:Nourish that think it’s fab, Aurelia has scooped an astonishing 50 prestigious awards in as many months. Aurelia’s innovative range of all-natural, anti-aging British skincare, harnesses the power of probiotics to help manage the levels of inflammation within the skin (One of the primary causes of skin ageing) without a single chemical in sight!

At Re:Nourish we love the whole ethos surrounding Aurelia. We are fully on-board with a natural sustainable approach. A British brand with an awesome Girl Boss. Claire’s favourite quote is “The harder you work, the luckier you get” Amen sister!

Aurelia offers a full range of products, from night oils, serums and day creams to deodorants, pillow mists and the Little Aurelias children’s range. Our favourite is the Cell Repair Night Oil as sometimes we are up late…It’s full to the brim of serious ingredients, smells divine, and leaves your skin hydrated without feeling greasy. Try anything in their range and you won’t be disappointed.

Nicci Clark