Well we are all about men this week and your beauty regime offers sophisticated, natural products that work in harmony with the skin, avoiding synthetic compounds and skin-unfriendly ingredients.

Not many high-end, natural skincare brands offer a range specifically for men. With the multi tasking aftershave balm, omegas 3 optimum skin oil, t zone controlling cleansing gel and shaving oils. Ren offers a one-stop shop for all your skin needs. Male or female, vegan, sensitive skin, you’ll find something for you.

The other stand out point that Re:Nourish can’t get enough of is this:

Looking good and doing good = feeling good

Well it does, doesn’t it?

Sounds simple but conventional skincare can actually harm your skin and our planet

Ren’s mission is to change that all by being clean. Clean-more than an objective. Say - Yes to natural bio-actives that help the skin clean itself. No to harsh chemical’s and waste!

The goal-zero waste by 2021.

That’s quite a bold move!

100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions, bottles with reclaimed ocean waste.

Let’s all be a little more Ren!







Nicci Clark