In order for us to succeed in life and to be the best versions of ourselves, no matter what avenue of life that we may be in- first and foremost, above anything else, we need to be well.

Well in your mind as well as your body.

One of the first ways to becoming well is to find rest, and to find rest regularly. In fact rest and recovery are vital for our overall health and happiness.

Rest can take many forms. It doesn’t just mean “doing nothing.” Practicing rest is one of the basic, fundamental needs of human beings. Finding rest is about finding some stillness or silence in your life.

Unplug, switch off, breathe and tune into your internal world of emotions, feelings thoughts, as well as your physical sensations.

Overdue some time out?

We love the idea of

Disconnect from the strain of the modern life. Refocus on your physical and mental well-being with an immersive 3 day wellness retreat.

With movement coach Roger Frampton on board and delicious food being served, using organic local produce from the Retreat East Kitchen Garden, you can’t go wrong!



Nicci Clark