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Hooray! We have officially launched in 300 Waitrose stores across the UK. As the world’s first grab and go soup in a bottle we will be making soup history, so keep an eye out for us as we continue to make waves in the world of soup! You can find our irresistible soups in the chilled soup section of Waitrose stores. At a price of £2.89 it’s a no brainer to pick one up. To add to the excitement, we are celebrating our launch with a special introductory offer where you can grab our soups for £2. As we venture into the colder Autumn months, it’s the perfect meal to warm you up, whether you’re out and about or cosy at home underneath a blanket on the sofa. We have a range of three delicious soups to choose from, each of them packed with flavour and brimming with health benefits. The flavours are:

·        DIGEST roasted carrot and ginger.

·        CALM tomato, basil and passion flower.

·        IMMUNITY kale, spinach and turmeric.


Re:Nourish are the only company in the world that make soups in a bottle that you can put straight into the microwave, heat up and drink out of the bottle, making them a super quick and no fuss meal choice. Our revolutionary soup bottles have been designed and engineered to keep your soup hot for at least an hour, making them perfect to drink on the go, or throw in your bag and enjoy later. Our bottles have a resealable lid, which means you don’t have to fear your soup making a mess, and it also means you don’t have to drink them all at once! Our bottles are fully recyclable and have zero carbon footprint as they are made in the UK, so you don’t have to worry about any waste while enjoying our scrumptious soups.


Here at Re:Nourish we care deeply about your well-being; our founder Nicci was a former cardiac nurse, so health is at the very core of our brand values. We wanted to ensure that our soups are filled with healthy ingredients that not only taste incredible but are also amazing for your body. All our soups are packed with fresh vegetables and super foods. Our soups are gluten free, plant based and completely natural, as well as being free of added sugar. Each soup has a Souper Star ingredient that is key to your health, helping to keep your body at its best. It couldn’t get easier to be healthy! We know how hard it can be to balance a busy life while worrying about making good food choices, with our soups being healthy is no longer a task. We’d love to hear about your souper experience. You can email us at or tag us on Instagram at @renourish_soup with the hashtag #souprevolution. Have a souper day!

Nicci Clark