About us

At Re:Nourish, our aim is to create tasty and vibrant soups that are as nutritious as can be. We think nature is amazing and so we only ever use fresh vegetables and plant-based ingredients. Our soups are practically overflowing with natural goodness!

We know our soups taste good, but we also want you to feel good which is why we’ve tracked down natures little Souper Stars (micro nutrients) and made sure to blend at least one into every bottle. We believe this is what makes our soups particularly nourishing.  

Our Founder Nicci Clark, who has a background in cardiac nursing and nutrition, has always been passionate about food and the way in which what you eat affects how you feel.

“My experience in nursing brought home just how important it is to eat good, nutritious food. Food that is free of any sugary and artificial nasties that are so detrimental to our health.” 

It was in 2010, when Nicci started Nourished, a pioneering diet company specialising in nutritionally balanced fresh meals delivered direct to your door. However, it soon became apparent that her fresh healthy soups were something her customers still wanted to enjoy even after their health programme had finished! So Re:Nourish was born so anyone, and everyone, can pick up a bottle and enjoy.